13 February 2019, 11:45 - 13:00

Join the guided MSP Cruise

13 February 2019
11:45 – 13:00

Most of the North and Baltic Sea countries have developed their Maritime Spatial Plans or are in an advanced stage. The virtual ‘sailing tour’ provides you the unique opportunity to explore these MSPs and MSP processes in more detail.

Based on your indicated knowledge (shipping, offshore energy or marine environment), you will get a clear explanation about the MSP process in 3 pre-determined countries with a focus on your chosen sector. This provides you for example the opportunity to learn in 1 hour about the MSP processes in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and how shipping interests have found their way into these plans. Or about the MSP processes in Lithuania, Poland and Germany and how renewable offshore energy plans have been integrated.

Don’t worry, if the country you are dying to know more about was not part of your tour, you can visit it after the sailing tour and pose questions to the responsible planners directly. During the entire conference information material about the national MSPs will remain available.

Do not hesitate to take brochures, maps and reports with you, and ‘sail away’ one more time with the BalticLINes and NorthSEE projects, when being at home.